* Please use the ORDERNR when ordering.

* The prices quoted are inclusive of 21% BTW (VAT), most other internet suplliers quote prices without BTW (VAT).

* The prices for customers outside the EU is less 21%.

* All prices are for one part (each) unless otherwise stated.

For example "set of 8" means that the price is for this set of 8.

If in the discription a quantity is mentioned, for example "stud cilinderbase (4)", it means that 4 items of this part are used, but it is sold and prices individually.

* Price changes are possible without prior notice.

* Prices are in EURO's.

* Postage and packing is extra, but at cost price, minimum order ammount is € 25,00.

* Payment is possible through PAYPAL, or to our international bank account number (IBAN).

* The PARTS page is under development. Due to the immense workload to get everything properly sorted on the internet this site

will grow in time. So we have thousands of different parts in stock that are not mentioned on this site.

CONTINUE, i understand that prices are inclusive of 21% BTW/VAT, while most internet suppliers quote prices without BTW/VAT.